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Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha

Establishment year: 2010

Swiss Canton: Vaud

Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha in Brief

We support two centers for underprivileged children in Kathmandu: Sagarmatha (since 2010) and Punarbal (since 2020).  While the first one is for children from economically fragile families, the second one takes care of orphans and children affected by HIV-AIDS.In collaboration with the local teams that run these care facilities, we ensure that the children are cared for in the best possible way. We strive to provide them with dignified living conditions and an environment in which they can develop their abilities through learning at school. Once they have completed their compulsory education, we offer them the opportunity to continue their studies or take up vocational training.

How to help Organisation Suisse Sagarmatha

– Parrainer un enfant

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CCP: 12-648345-6

IBAN: CH45 0900 0000 1264 83456


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