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Rural Integrated Development Services Switzerland

Establishment year: 2002

Swiss Canton: Aargau

Rural Integrated Development Services Switzerland in Brief

RIDS-Switzerland (Rural Integrated Development Services Switzerland) is a Swiss, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. We are designing, promoting, supporting and IMPLEMENTING through our local Nepali not-for-profit, non-governmental organization RIDS-Nepal (, long-term, holistic community development projects for remote high-altitude villages in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.

Our distinctive Holistic Community Development (HCD) approach of the “Family of 4” and the “Family of 4 PLUS” is a highly contextualized framework which enables long-term synergistic community development impacts and benefits for the end user communities. The goal of this framework is to develop, and build in close partnership with the end user communities, their most necessary infrastructural solutions, thus providing an improved level of overall living conditions that can be self-sustained by the communities.

How to help Rural Integrated Development Services Switzerland

– donations, project funds from donor

– philanthropic organizations and individual

– the contributions of time and skills of volunteers

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Donation information:

Raiffeisen Schweiz
9001 St. Gallen

Bank account: 50-1084-4

Bank Clearing Number: 80808

IBAN: CH33 8080 8009 6909 9917 1


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